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Customizing KDE4

I have been a GNOME fan for as long as I can remember. It was Ubuntu/Gnome2 that got me interested in Linux about 5 years ago. My desktop looked like this in those days:


After the Gnome3/Gnome-Shell debacle, I decided to finally part ways with Gnome, using ArchLinux, I had a whole load of choices of DEs/WMs to use. I’ve used Openbox, i3, XFCE and finally KDE4, I have a fairly fast system with good specs so my system would be more than capable of running KDE4.

Without any modification, my KDE system looks like this:

KDE 4.11

I got tired of the ‘dull’ KDE default look and I began tinkering with the interface, after a lot of hits and misses, I finally settled on this look:

KDE 4.12

Things I did/installed to get this look on ArchLinux -

  • moved the default desktop panel from the bottom to the top
  • removed the task manager applet from the panel and added a menu bar applet (installed these packages to get this done – “appmenu-qt” from the main repo and “kdeplasma-applets-menubar” from the AUR)
  • created a new panel and moved it to the left
  • added the “icon-task-manager” applet to the left panel

KDE4 offers a lot(a bit too much in my opinion) of packages as standard. I had to disable “Nepomuk” cos I don’t need it and it unnecessarily hogs my system resources.

Now, I have a very stable KDE4 installation running on ArchLinux and I think KDE4 is going to be running on my system for the foreseeable future.

The Unravelling Of The Obama Presidency

Obama was re-elected to the obvious relief of many people around the globe, even the UK Conservatives were relived that he’d won because they just couldn’t bear the thought of working with a man like Romney.

Fast-forward a few months after his re-election and the list of mistakes that his administration has made(and is making) keeps getting longer. In case you just woke up from a coma, here are some reminders ..

  1. The Ongoing IRS Scandal – The IRS were found to be unfairly targeting conservative groups in tax probes link: NYT
  2. The never ending Guantanamo saga – Obama promised when he was first running as a candidate to close Guantanamo bay if he is elected president. One of many promises that candidate Obama made that President Obama reneged on. He keeps hiding behind the pitiful US Congress excuse that they keep blocking him in his efforts, though many experts are agree that he has the power as President to transfer prisoners back to their contries and close Guantanamo but he doesn’t really want to do that so hence, the excuse.
  3. US Justice Department over-zealous snooping and investigation of leak sources – it might not be illegal, but it certainly is an abuse of power.
  4. Drones – Drones are now Obama’s personal favourite weapon against terrorism, the disappointing thing about this was watching him mount a defence about the drone program
  5. Operation Prism anyone? – Candidate Obama said he was against any Government program that would threaten the privacy and civil liberties of individuals. Now we know he actually encouraged and even sanctioned the increased recording and surveillance by the NSA of telephone calls and emails of millions of foreigners and Americans, again, he came out in defence of this program that was started under the George Bush. Link: Guardian

If the trend continues, the Democrats would be finished by the end of his term as President, to say majority of his supporters are disappointed with his performance as President in his second term would be an understatement. Obama has gone wildly off-course and I fear there is no going back.